G.S.V.V. The Knickerbockers

G.S.V.V. The Knickerbockers, more than soccer!


Our slogan definitely represents the culture of the club. Football is of course, very important, but besides the game, sociability and social complicity are also a part of our policy. The Knickerbockers is one of the biggest student football clubs in the Netherlands, with 26 senior football teams playing every Saturday. The first team of the men plays in the thirth leauge at the moment and our first ladies team is playing in the first league. The level of our teams vary from the first leauge till the sixth leauge. 


Besides football, there are a lot of activities organised by different committees at our football club. At the end of every season two tournaments will be held, named the International Tournament and the Knockerbicker-tournament. At the tournaments football and partying are going side by side. The Knockerbicker-tournament is for the recreative football teams, while the International Tournament is organised for the performance teams. Since 1988 teams from all over Europe will come to the Appleknockers Flophouse to play at our International Tournament and to drink about 10.000 litres of beer in one weekend. Furthermore there are many theme parties organised during the season, a Christmas party with a beer including relay race and last but not least a charity day. The charity day supports a different foundation every year. In 2017 we collected around €6.500 for the Beatrix Children Hospital. Moreover there is a possibility to go on a ski/snowboard trip in January and to go discover an European city with the Lenteuitje (Spring break). For the new members, we organize an introduction weekend in August to the island Schiermonnikoog. 

Rules of conduct

To guarantee the amazing atmosphere in our Appleknockers Flophouse, there are a few rules of conduct:

  • It is prohibited to use drugs inside or outside our clubhouse.
  • It is prohibited to deliberately damage properties of the club.
  • You are only allowed to our clubhouse if the positive atmosphere can be guaranteed.

If you won't follow our rules of conduct, the board can decide to remove you from our territory. 


Since a few years we do have two fields of artificial grass, which means that it is still possible to train under bad weather circumstances. The names of our fields of artificial grass are RIK (Rubber Ingestrooid Kunstgrasveld) and JANS (Jans Arends Negende Speelveld). 

Social character

The Knickerbockers is well known because of our social character. After a few months you will definitely know a lot of members, so you can have an amazing night at our clubhouse with anyone. Besides that, there are also a lot of famous people who ever visited our clubhouse, like Arjen Robben, John Blankensteijn and Eric Braamhaar. 


Read before you apply the following information. Your application will only be accepted when you fill in the digital form and when you send your identity card, application form with signature and a photo for your card to the secretary (secretaris@knickerbockers.nl). If you have any further questions about the membership after reading the following information, don't hesitate to send an email to the secretary. 

The procedure of registration

When you open the link for the application form, you'll have to fill it in completely. After completion, the secretary will automatically receive your application form. The secretary will then send you an email that he or she received your application form. Please be aware of the following information:

  • Financial information: Please fill in your IBAN-number and your BIC-number.
  • RuG-studentnumber or Hanze-number: Please fill in your S-number from university. When you haven't received your studentnumber yet, you'll have to send it later to the secretary.
  • Last club: When you've played for another Dutch club in the past three years, you'll need a transfer. The transfer will automatically start, once you'll apply.
  • Active member: Think about committees, becoming a referee or taking bar shifts.
  • Introduction weekend: Every year the Taskforce will organise an Introduction Weekend to Schiermonnikoog. It's a good opportunity to meet other new people. As a new member, you will automatically receive the application form for the Introduction Weekend.


The KNVB (Dutch Football Association) makes a classification in two levels: category A and category B. The Knickerbockers 1 - 9 and Ladies 1 - 3 are playing in category A and The Knickerbockers 10 - 18 and Ladies 4 - 8 are playing in category B. 


Every year training sessions will be held to scout plays for the higher teams. The first tryout for men will be held in May and the first tryout for women will be held in June. For questions about these trainings, you can send an email to wedsec@knickerbockers.nl. 


When you want to play in category A, you'll need to finish your transfer before the 15th of June, although there are two exceptions: 

  • You can also play in category A when you are transferred before the 31th of August, but only if the club you've played at before is more than 30 kilometers away from The Knickerbockers. 
  • You can also play in category B when you are transferred before the 31th of August, but only if your old football club gives permission. 

If you still have questions about the membership, you can send an email to secretaris@knickerbockers.nl.